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Cumin Basmati Rice

Cumin Basmati Rice This rice is a perfect compliment to many Indian dishes. It is easy and quick to make and quite delicious. Active Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 25 minutes Servings: 6 Necessary Tools: 2 Quart sauce pan with lid Spoon for stirring Fork to fluff rice Liquid measuring cup Teaspoon size measuring spoon […]

Creamy Sun-dried Tomato and Mushroom Pasta

Sun-dried Tomato, mushrooms, and basil make this savory sauce a delight to the tongue.    Total time 40 minutes.  4 servings as Entree      Necessary Tools: knife and cutting board for cutting up basil and tomatoes saucier (or regular skillet) to make the sauce large pot to cook the pasta  wire whip for stirring […]

Sesame Butter Mushrooms

Sesame Butter Mushrooms This mushroom dish is a delicious side to almost any dinner.  Onion can be substituted for the garlic if preferred. Active time 10 minutes. Total time 40 minutes. 6 servings   Necessary Tools: To make this recipe you will need to following tools: oven safe pan microwave safe bowl to melt butter […]

Potato Cheese Soup

Potato Cheese Soup It is cold and rainy today, so it’s a perfect time for my favorite soup recipe. This soup is creamy and delicious. It can be made with a chicken base or vegetarian with one of several commercially available vegetarian chicken soup bases. I like to use American cheese slices for the cheese […]

Spicy Chinese Pork

This is a spicy recipe with a classic Chinese sauce. This recipe will work well with chicken, lamb, beef, turkey or Chinese style vegetarian mock duck or chicken (available in your local Asian grocery).  Approximately 6 servings. (Total prep time 30-35 minutes.)     Necessary Tools: To make this recipe you will need to following […]