About the Author

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting JohnCooks.com! I am John, and I cook. My last name is not Cook, (It’s Severs) but I do cook. (Get it?) I love to cook all kinds of food and I love to share food with my friends.  I constantly have people ask for recipes, so I decided that I would make this blog to share them.

As far as my background goes, I have not had formal chef’s training, but I have done a lot of cooking in my life. I love to try to find the best recipe for any particular type of food I can find, then I like to modify it so it tastes good to me. I have found that if it tastes good to me, it usually tastes good to other people also.

I have catered weddings, baked for coffee shops and parties and in general burned through a lot of ingredients.  I try my best to cook all of the bread for my family. I like to cook ethnic foods, barbecue, breads and desserts. I will be sharing recipes from each of those categories as time passes. Feel free to post comments on my recipes and if you have favorite recipes, send them along. I would love to try them.

Best regards,