About my recipes

Cooking is easy and fun! In order to make it clear for those who may not have cooked much, I divide my recipes into sections so that the steps are clear and the food is cooked as quickly and efficiently as possible. Each recipe has four subheadings.


Necessary Tools:

A list of  the necessary tools so you know exactly what will be needed in order to accomplish the recipe.


Ingredient List:

A list of all the necessary ingredients for a recipe.


Mise En Place:

Mise En Place, (pronounced me-zahn-plahs literally means “putting in place”) is used in the kitchen to mean getting all your shit together so you are ready to cook. This stage involves gathering ingredients, measuring, washing, chopping, sometimes a doing a little preparatory cooking and putting items into individual bowls so that all ingredients can be used in succession when needed. This step will dramatically decrease wasted time.


Cooking Directions:

This is the fun part, it includes instructions for how to accomplish your culinary masterpiece!